Our material topics

Our material topics

Our materiality analysis

For our first ESG report, on the reporting year 2021, we identified the ESG-related topics that are the most relevant for Roland Berger in a materiality analysis. In doing so, we applied the principle of double materiality: We assessed the impact we have on our material topics as well as the financial implications for our company. To be as comprehensive as possible, we included internal and external stakeholders in the process. The results are displayed in our materiality matrix, which is also the basis for the current edition of our ESG report.

Our material topics

Empowered People
Employee engagement and work culture 

We promote entrepreneurship and commit to flexibility. We foster an environment of individual growth in a safe and respectful space, where personal interests, activities, and family life are seen as adding value.

Purpose at work 

We believe that as strategy consultants we are obliged to have a measurable positive impact on wider society. We are driven by a strong motivation to help other organizations and companies conduct sound business by providing entrepreneurial and responsible solutions. 

Development and learning 

To provide our clients with the best service possible, we encourage our employees to continuously develop their skills. Constant learning is part of our corporate culture, be it through on-the-job training, seminars, professional coaching, international assignments, higher education, fellowships, or industry placements. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion 

We believe that the meeting of diverse cultures and different perspectives within our company enriches us. That is why we commit to ensuring that our firm is an inclusive and meritocratic organization that celebrates the richness of our differences. 

Talent attraction 

As a company, Roland Berger constantly strives to attract the best talent in the market to support our clients with the best team. We bring in well-rounded people with diverse backgrounds and an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Climate Action and Circularity
Greenhouse gas emissions 

Our biggest potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions lies in supporting our clients in their efforts to do so. However, we also lead by example. We have set science-based targets for ourselves to reduce our own emissions. We started to track and actively manage our carbon footprint annually to remain in line with the Paris Agreement.

Energy consumption 

We reduce our own consumption of electricity, heating, and cooling wherever possible, and encourage our employees to make sustainability part of their day-to-day lives. 

Circularity and ecosystems 

In a circular economy, waste constitutes a valuable resource for new products. We bring a circular mindset to everyday business activities, carefully considering our impact on ecosystems and biodiversity. 

A Partner to Clients and Society
Sustainability with clients 

At Roland Berger, we help our clients identify where and how their businesses are most impacted by environmental developments. We help our clients capitalize on those developments to create a competitive advantage for themselves. We support their decision making on an individual level and help fuel their sustainable growth and competitiveness in a swiftly changing business landscape.

Client satisfaction

Through a combination of in-depth expertise, comprehensive analysis, and pragmatic solutions, we implement strategies that achieve the highest possible impact for our clients. We want our clients to be our primary promoters based on the quality and professionalism of our work, which is rooted in our core values.

Corporate citizenship

We have social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities towards the communities our business connects us to. We are invested in creating positive value for society as a whole. 

Responsible Business
Ethical business practices (including ESG criteria in procurement) 

We lead by example, living up to our stakeholders' expectations and making ethical decisions in line with ESG standards in our day-to-day business activities.

Data privacy and IT security 

We are strongly committed to protecting the information and privacy of all our stakeholders. That is why we handle data carefully and in accordance with all relevant legislation. Our IT infrastructure, hardware, and software meet the highest security and technology standards. 

Compliance and regulatory requirements 

In line with our ethical principles and values, we have a dedicated corporate compliance system, which ensures that we always act fully in accordance with external legislation and regulations, and with our own internal rules and procedures. 

Professional integrity 

At all times, we abide by anti-corruption practices and the highest professional standards in our daily business operations. 

Economic performance and growth 

We strive to achieve excellent results and develop global best practices, to ensure both measurable and sustainable success for our clients and ourselves. 

Transparency and reporting 

We are committed to making our sustainability activities transparent and driving positive change by reporting on our sustainability performance in our annual ESG report. 

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