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Empowered people

Empowered people

Unleashing potential to drive change

At Roland Berger, our employees are at the heart of everything we do. It is the rich diversity of culture and thinking among our workforce, rooted in a strong foundation of our values of excellence, empathy and entrepreneurship, that makes us flourish. On our continuous path of sustainable development, these qualities help us and our clients to stand out against competitors. We invest in our people and their personal development so that they can unfold their full potential on the job and beyond. Besides offering a wide range of development programs and trainings, we do so by encouraging our employees to be engaged, contribute to our journey and embrace our core corporate values, and by fostering a working culture in our offices based on mutual trust, respect and care.

Purposeful work that inspires

The work that we do for our clients enables our people to contribute to the sustainable development of organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs. It is their expertise that helps shift the world towards a new sustainable paradigm. Our goal is to foster this sense of purpose and entrepreneurial thinking by allowing our employees to build a career with Roland Berger according to their preferences. We do this through a broad range of development programs, training opportunities, on-the-job learning and other forms of support along their journey at Roland Berger. Be it pursuing educational endeavors, contributing to society through volunteer work or following up on entrepreneurial ideas in startups – there are myriad ways for our people to seek new opportunities and grow.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are future-proof

Our diverse and inclusive workforce is our key to generating smarter ideas and delivering better results. Their broad variety of talents and perspectives brings value to our clients and shapes the work we do every day. We are committed to providing our employees with a work environment that celebrates the richness of our differences. That is why diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), non-discrimination and ethical behavior lie at the heart of our Code of Conduct as well as our diversity mission.

" The diverse experiences, strengths, individual talents and personalities of our colleagues are the key to our success. They make Roland Berger special. "
Portrait of Ina Wietheger

Ina Wietheger

Senior Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe

A booster for health and wellbeing

Our employees are the nucleus of our work. Their physical and mental wellbeing deserves and enjoys our attention and focus as a company. Around the globe, we provide our people with various benefits such as health care assistance, sports offerings and insurance plans, among several others. We have also committed to a holistic action program where we are working to maintain a sustainable workload within our organization that helps balance work and life for the benefit of all. The mental health of our employees is close to our hearts, and we want to give them the tools and support mechanisms they need to seek help and manage stress.

Employee engagement

We are committed to establishing a workplace where entrepreneurship and personal growth are fostered. By creating a safe and respectful space for individual progress, we encourage everyone to bring their full self to work and be engaged. Constant learning is part of our corporate culture and is crucial if we want to create real, sustainable value. We therefore need to get our employees engaged with the topic worldwide. In response, we introduced a broad range of groups and committees in which our colleagues around the world can get involved, from affinity groups for women, people of color or LGBTQ+ to Sustainability Ambassadors, Diversity Ambassadors and office committees. Our colleagues drive initiatives within our firm and engage with the local communities they work in to create positive impact. We invite you to read more about our employee engagement in our ESG report.

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