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June 18, 2024
Pride Week 2024

Allyship: Building Bridges for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

As you may be well aware, our Pride Week 2024 kicked off on Monday and we are excited to keep the momentum going by sharing this article on Allyship, which will include an overview of why Allyship is important, testimonies from our JustBe and JustBeFriends members as well as some star Allies in our firm. Have a great read!

What is Allyship and why is it important?

Workplace discrimination and exclusion persist for LGBTQ+ members. A 2018 survey by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation revealed that 46% of LGBTQ+ employees remained closeted at work, and 20% sought new jobs due to unwelcoming workplace environments. These statistics highlight the ongoing struggle for full LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace.

Jacqueline M. Chen (Associate professor at university of Utah) and Samantha Joel (Associate professor at Western University) launched a four-year research project aimed to assess allyship perception among LGBTQ+ individuals. The project, involving six studies and thousands of LGBTQ+ participants across the U.S., sought to understand how individuals in the LGBTQ+ community discern allies and the impact of allyship.

According to their research, being a good ally has three components:

  • Being accepting (e.g., “They make people feel safe and supported”)

  • Taking action (e.g., “They advocate for the group, raise awareness, and defend the group”)

  • Having humility (e.g., “They are a good listener; they are open to correction; they are willing to learn”)

We wanted to explore this with the members of our JustBe and JustBeFriends (ally) communities and asked them a similar question – “What does allyship mean to you? And what are the key components?”

Thank you for reading, and when presented with a chance, remember to showcase your allyship!

Your Pride Week team

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