Transaction Services

Transaction Services

Transactions are integral to value creation. We regularly publish our insights on topical issues.

Unlock the full potential of transactions

To create holistic stakeholder value, key decision-makers must balance all transaction objectives – from shareholder to workforce interests. However, the majority of deals either destroy or generate significantly less value than anticipated. Through our transaction advisory services we help companies avoid risks and maximize returns. Our experience shows that four key value-drivers enable organizations to realize the highest possible value, both financial and non-financial, through their transaction.

First, our advisory experts ensure that a clearly defined strategic rationale and target picture are in place, as these are crucial to bring together the efforts of all stakeholders. Second, our transaction support team helps develop the target operating model and target organization, allowing the company to assess the complexity, timeline, required resources and financial costs. Third, we play an advisory role in deriving the right speed for the transaction, from preparation to execution; this is vital for maintaining momentum and hitting critical Day-1 milestones. Finally, we help the client consistently realize synergies, specifically on the market side, and other financial levers that drive business value from transactions.

Maximize success with a customized transaction approach

Decision-makers are often bound by their experience and over-rely on standard frameworks. However, customizing the transaction scope according to both the deal rationale and sources of value is imperative for defining a winning approach to transactions.

The cultural dynamics and skills within an organization are frequently underestimated, yet they play a pivotal role in determining the success of the deal. Our transaction advisory approach places a strong emphasis on corporate culture and communication when preparing for the deal. The target governance must also follow the specifics of the deal and the company involved.

It is important to identify the transaction coordinator and their way of working, be it integration or separation team or dedicated functional teams.

Taking the time to thoroughly understand the transaction objectives, the parties involved and the desired outcome to plan the “who” and “how” of a deal is a vital prerequisite for success.

Ensure business continuity

Disruptions or challenges from a transaction are inevitable, but staff must remain focused on the business’s essential operations and core functions. A thorough Day-1 plan and resilient business approach are the backbone of any deal. Developing resilience across key personnel requires extensive agility and a deep understanding of the industry and the long-term vision for the business and the transaction, as well as the people and culture.

Through our advisory services we have helped thousands of companies successfully mitigate operations-related risks in transactions. If not detected and managed in time, problems with operations can otherwise jeopardize the entire transaction and endanger business continuity.

How we work together with our M&A / Financial Advisory and Private Equity & Strategic Investors teams

Roland Berger’s global Transaction & Investor Support Platform is centered around value maximization through end-to-end transaction excellence. Our advisory experts help clients worldwide make better investment and portfolio decisions throughout the entire M&A lifecycle. We provide transaction advisory services in a wide range of areas, including portfolio strategy and management, CFO advisory and support, due diligence, value creation programs, acquisitions, mergers or divestitures, distressed M&As and valuations.

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