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Responsible Business

Responsible Business

Ethical business practices

At Roland Berger we are committed to responsible, ethically sound business practices. We live a culture of integrity and accountability, in which our people are encouraged to make the right choices, to speak up where necessary, and to act in line with our values. We take a proactive approach to risk management and compliance in our day-to-day business and set the highest professional standards for ourselves.

Our guiding principles

The Roland Berger Code of Conduct provides a framework for our policies and processes and defines best practices for the workplace. It is a living document that is continuously adapted to reflect changes in society and our compliance procedures.

The Roland Berger Code of Conduct is built around our corporate values of entrepreneurship, empathy, and excellence. These three core values are deeply embedded in our DNA, our policies and guidelines, and our approach to day-to-day business. They form the foundation of our professional work, our interaction with clients, business partners, and communities, and our workplace culture.

We want our employees to feel comfortable voicing any concerns directly to their supervisors, Human Resources, our Compliance Team, or our Global Managing Directors. Our Group Compliance Management System helps us maintain compliance with internal and external rules and procedures in every aspect of our daily business.

Safeguarding information and data

We live in a data-driven world: Almost every transaction and interaction we are involved in, both internally and with clients, involves personal data. We are committed to handling this data responsibly and in the strictest confidence, in accordance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Compliance is ensured by our data management system.

To make sure that we protect all the information we deal with, we maintain high IT security standards. In 2022, we put our IT controls to the test, performing a company-wide penetration test or pentest, enhanced our Business Continuity Management System, and developed new training exercises on phishing.

" In times of constantly increasing use of cloud services, we owe our clients and employees the highest standards of data safeguarding. We can only maintain this by continuously increasing our investments into IT security and further refinement of our processes. "
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Florian Hoecherl

Global Head of IT
Roland Berger
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