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A Partner to Clients and Society

A Partner to Clients and Society

Acting together for impact

We know all too well that players who make sustainability a key part of their strategy today will benefit from a significant competitive advantage in the future. At Roland Berger, we are deeply focused on making sustainability work in practice. We believe in acting together with our clients and in achieving great results through our collaboration on projects. We take on the role of a multiplier, empowering our stakeholders to alter their practices and trigger resonating impact. We believe that progress and innovation should – and can – create lasting change. We are convinced that, in taking responsibility for the most profound challenges of our time, we have a unique opportunity to rethink the system.

Empowering clients for a sustainable impact

Climate change is no longer an eventuality companies should simply address, but something they must tackle to make their business resilient and to be compliant. We have increased the share of our sustainability-related projects steadily and we strive to expand it even further. We uphold the vision that ESG, sustainability, and climate action will be an integral part of all our consulting projects in the future. Together with our clients, we accelerate and implement climate actions to deliver emissions reduction, decarbonize industrial processes, increase the circularity of materials, and develop more sustainable products and solutions.

" Climate change is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. How companies react today will define their competitive position for decades to come. "
Portrait of David Frans

David Frans

Senior Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe

Creating a better society

As responsible corporate citizens, we are active members of the communities in which we operate, and we aim to positively impact our society and our planet in this role as well. This commitment is embodied in our engagement with community projects, where we share ideas, drive societal development, and support emerging initiatives, for example through pro-bono consulting and volunteering. We normally adopt a bottom-up approach in our volunteering activities, recognizing how regional differences play a crucial role in understanding and addressing the unique needs of our local communities. By empowering our employees to take initiative on social issues they are passionate about, we foster a culture that values and encourages making a real difference.

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