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Roland Berger ESG Report 2021

Roland Berger ESG Report 2021

December 1, 2022

About the ESG report 2021

In this ESG report, we provide our stakeholders with insights into our key environmental, social and governance activities and achievements of 2021. We also give an overview on our ESG strategy, our stakeholder engagement and the results of our materiality analysis. The report is written with reference to the Universal Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Defining our material topics

As a basis for our report, we identified the ESG-related topics that are the most relevant for Roland Berger in a materiality analysis. In doing so, we applied the principle of double materiality: We assessed the impact we have on our material topics as well as the financial implications for our company. To be as comprehensive as possible, we included internal and external stakeholders in the process. The results are displayed in our materiality matrix and in the ESG report.

Empowered People
Our Material Topics

• Employee engagement and work culture
• Purpose at work
• Development and learning
• Diversity equity and inclusion
• Talent attraction

Employee engagement and work culture

Our people and culture are at the core of what makes us successful. We are creating a workplace, where everyone is engaged and can bring one's full self to work. We promote entrepreneurship and commit to flexibility, fostering an environment for individual growth in a safe and respectful space. Personal interests, activities and family live are seen as adding value. We want to be an attractive employer throughout the career of our talents and offer far more than a competitive salary and a steep learning curve.

Purpose at work

We believe that as strategy consultants we have an active role to play. The big idea that drives us is to help organizations, by providing entrepreneurial and responsible solutions with our diverse teams of authentic personalities, leveraging our deep industry and functional expertise.

Development and learning

In our fast-changing world, developing new expertise and skills is crucial to provide our clients with the best service possible. Personal development is necessary when offering career paths for every employee. Constant learning is thus part of our corporate culture, be it by training on the job, formal trainings both on site or remote, bootcamps or seminars, social fellowships, international assignments, higher education such as a Master, MBA, or PhD program or experiencing ones entrepreneurial drive-in fellowships or industry placements.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We treat diversity, equity and inclusion as a way of life. We promote diversity of gender, ethnic group, religion, disability, age, sexual preference, socio-economic and educational backgrounds in our work environments and strive to maximize opportunities for everyone while trying to be aware of any kind of bias. We believe that the meeting of different cultures and different perspectives within our company enriches us. That is why we commit to ensuring our firm is an inclusive, meritocratic world that celebrates the richness of our differences.

Talent attraction

As a company, Roland Berger constantly strives to attract the best available talent in the market to support our clients with the best team. We bring in people that are authentic and have diverse backgrounds and an entrepreneurial strategy and turn strategy into reality.

Climate Action and Circularity
Our Material Topics

• Greenhouse gas emissions
• Energy consumption
• Circularity and ecosystems

Greenhouse gas emissions

As strategy consultants, our biggest potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions lies in supporting our clients to do so. Still, we want to lead by example. Therefore, we have joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and set ourselves science-based targets to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions, covering Scopes 1, 2 and 3. We are tracking our greenhouse gas footprint annually to make sure we are in line with the Paris Agreement and have implemented various initiatives to reduce our emissions.

Energy consumption

Reducing electricity, heating and cooling consumption where possible is crucial to our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and for the transition to a low-carbon economy. Because most of our emissions are linked to how we behave, we are encouraging our employees to make sustainability a part of their day-to-day lives.

Circularity and ecosystems

In a circular economy, waste is not waste but valuable resources for new products. We aspire to create systems for the circular management of all material things at the workplace and beyond. This requires bringing a circular mindset to every project we touch. Moreover, circularity addresses how everyday business activities at Roland Berger have an impact on our ecosystems and biodiversity.

Partner to Clients and Society
Our Material Topics

• Sustainability with clients
• Client satisfaction
• Corporate citizenship

Sustainability with clients

At Roland Berger, while serving our clients, we are building positive futures for them and the communities they operate in and at the same time creating a benefit for their stakeholders. At the confluence of clients and society is our commitment to sustainability. Roland Berger helps clients identify where and how their businesses are most impacted by environmental developments, facilitating their decision making on an individual level and helping ensure their future competitiveness in a sustainable world.

Client satisfaction

We aim to provide our clients with the best we can offer as a firm, as empathetic, excellent and entrepreneurial people. Through a combination of in-depth expertise, comprehensive analysis and pragmatic solutions, we implement strategies that achieve the highest possible impact on our clients. We want them to be our primary promoters based on the quality and professionalism of our work.

Corporate citizenship

As a firm and as individuals, we are a part of the communities to which our business connects us. Thus, we believe that we have social, cultural and environmental responsibilities beyond our core business, and they are invested in creating positive value for the societies around us.

Responsible Business Practices
Our Material Topics

• Ethical business practices (incl. ESG criteria in procurement)
• Data privacy and IT security
• Compliance and regulatory requirements
• Professional integrity
• Economic performance and growth
• Transparency and reporting

Ethical business practices (incl. ESG criteria in procurement)

High standards guide us in all the decisions we make. We lead by example and strive to live up to the expectations of stakeholders, the public, governmental entities and society. This includes making ethical decisions regarding social, environmental and governance standards in procurement.

Data privacy and IT security

We are strongly committed to protecting the information and privacy of our clients, employees, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders. Roland Berger bears the responsibility of handling data carefully and in accordance with applicable laws. To ensure utmost security in all our electronic communications, our information and communications equipment – IT infrastructure, hardware and software – meets the highest security and technology standards.

Compliance and regulatory requirements

Roland Berger has a dedicated corporate compliance system that integrates compliance with external regulations as well as with internal rules and procedures. We are committed to upholding policies and procedures to ensure continued compliance with laws and regulations.

Professional integrity

Roland Berger commits to always being truthful and working responsibly. Our employees are trained in anti-corruption practices and are expected to adhere to their high moral principles and our own.

Economic performance and growth

We strive to achieve excellent results and develop global best practices to ensure both measurable and sustainable success. Our goal is excellence in our work with clients and in the way we develop our knowledge.

Transparency and reporting

We are committing to make our sustainability activities transparent by reporting our sustainability performance in our annual ESG report.

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Roland Berger ESG Report 2021


In our first ESG Report, we demonstrate our strong commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance principles by disclosing our key sustainability performance indicators for 2021 and providing a detailed description of our material topics and ESG strategy.

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