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Sales and Marketing Solution

Sales and marketing excellence is essential if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Regardless of whether you are a B2C or B2B company, you will only win the race for the customer and deliver constant profit growth if you are able to build a powerful sales and marketing machine.

Sales and marketing functions must become mature, professional, high-performance organizations if they want to deliver their full potential. Stop thinking about best practices: It's time to fix open issues such as outdated go-to-market strategies, black-box performance, half-hearted automation, ineffective sales force, missing omnichannel integration and poor customer experience. Fail here and you will lose customer value and access.

"There are three simple rules for success. Customer first. Customer first. Customer first."
Portrait of Tobias Göbbel
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe

Our performance-based approach helps you unleash untapped powers of market orientation and customer centricity. With our SMART Performance Index we can evaluate your company's sales and marketing functions and determine which areas could do with a boost. In a 2017 study, we proved a close correlation between a company's sales and marketing excellence and its ability to achieve higher revenues and profits.


Most companies face tough competition in increasingly commoditized markets. Sales tactics, sales channels and sales force become crucial business drivers. Omnichannel integration, SG&A improvement, cost-per-order tactics or AI in sales and service are just some topics to be addressed for improved sales performance. Roland Berger offers complete sales push and excellence programs to fuel profitable growth.

Sales Push

Sales Push programs use short and mid-term strategies to increase turnover. If a) you are short in revenues, b) your sales team needs a wake-up call or c) both, then Sales Push is the right choice for you. To start, we increase your funnel transparency and run a lost-order-analysis to identify existing gaps and contributing factors. Next, we define concrete steps to improve conversion and volume over the course of the following months. Pushing the sales force, injecting new spirit and close tracking are key elements for success. We would be happy to provide you with industry specific project examples as well as success and growth rates.

Sales Force Performance

Around 30% of all sales reps cannot identify their 10 most important customers. What's more, only 16% of all sales reps can quantify the remaining (realizable) sales potential of their top customers. While Sales Force is one of the largest contributors to your overall sales costs (SG&A), it is also the main driver for revenue and profit. Therefore, it needs to be as small yet as effective as possible. We manage this balance by implementing proven methods in collaboration with our clients. Such methods range from effective Sales Force Structuring and Sizing, which aims to correctly balance the allocation of business units, channels, corporate sales units as well as degree of external sales partners ("sales as a service"). Additionally, we define your sales types, from feet-on-the-street marketing to Key Account Management and sales support functions. Within Sales Force Effectiveness projects, we improve sales force operations in terms of sales push programs, decrease SF costs or set effective KPIs.

Sales Organization

Designing the right sales organisation is about asking the right questions. What type of portfolio do we sell to which clients and where? What kind of sales functions do we need? What is the right balance between the four different sales types? Do we need key account managers? How many? And how do they interact with regions and local sales force? How many feet-on-the-street do we have? How many do we require? Where? We provide best practices and industry benchmarks to build the foundations to a winning strategy. We help design every element of your sales organisation including functions, processes and responsibilities.


Customer Relationship Management is your company's central source of business. CRM systems can improve communication, selling and steering by digitizing analog processes and across silos. We support our clients in the selection, adaptation and implementation of CRM systems. We believe in one major driver of CRM success: the close collaboration of business and IT right from the start. To bring both approaches together, we act as an intermediary, ensuring an effective rollout along our established CRM framework (1. Scope – 2. Action Plan 3. Governance 4. Implementation 5. Change).

Digital Sales

Digital is a mega trend. You may be asking: Should I sell via digital channels? What and how should I sell via digital sales channels, and to whom? The answer greatly depends on your industry and the customers you are targeting. Defining a "digital sales strategy" is crucial before building online shops or joining market places. The potential for success is just as high as the risk of losing margin, turnover or negatively impacting client/supplier relations. We use concrete frameworks to determine what kind of model fits you best and how you can gain a competitive edge.

Sales Strategy

How do we enter, conquer or defend our markets against peer and enemy brands? Most companies do not have a beat-down-strategy that is strong enough to actually beat competition. We help to design real impactful route-to-market plans that cover the five elements for market growth: Portfolio – Key Accounts – Organisation – Channels.

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Market and customer centricity are key for a business to thrive in today's highly competitive marketing environment. The challenge for modern marketing is to ensure every touchpoint in the customer's journey works for your business – be it in products, pricing and promotion or across all channels that influence customer experience. At the same time, digital age marketing needs to be as efficient as possible. Customer data and direct-to-customer strategies allow for improved customer values along the whole lifecycle. Roland Berger develops beat-down-marketing-strategies to help you get ahead of your competition.

Marketing Performance

Let´s open the black box. Marketing Spend Effectiveness is a key driver for two outcomes: 1. Increase your impact in your relevant market segments 2. Improve your marketing ROI. The latter includes the former and implies a deep understanding of the impact of marketing measures on the elasticity in customer purchasing behavior. We strongly believe in performance KPIs such as cost-per-order to model your optimal budget into the efficiency zone.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing comes with the benefit that it is an "open box" in terms of spending, effects and customer journeys. If you run an online shop, you can directly measure the effect of each euro spent in key words down to each basket. The formula "traffic x conversion x basket" provides the basis to calculate KPIs such as cost-per-order (CPO) and to improve the performance of your budget. Digital Marketing becomes a challenge when it comes to Omnichannel Management and the question of how to move customers between offline and digital channels.

Brands & Customer Value Proposition

Your value proposition should answer the question every customer asks: "What´s in it for me?" A unique, sustainable and relevant value proposition is the key for attracting and retaining customers in your brand ecosystem. We provide CVP design as well as brand strategy, brand portfolio management and brand building. Our team includes experts from different agencies and brand consultancies, as well as former industry brand specialists. With our proven method "RB Profiler" we can benchmark your brand profile directly with your competitor brands.

Customer Experience

Customers compare channels when looking for the best and seamless experience. We call this scenario the "Moment of Truth" - the moment where you either win or lose your customer. At Roland Berger, we help clients design their customer journeys, identify crucial touchpoints and develop smart concepts for positive customer interaction and joy.

Marketing Organization

Marketing organizations need to cope with new challenges like digital marketing, new competencies, new responsibilities and stronger focus on performance. Most marketing organizations are not yet ready to reach the next level. To unleash their full potential, marketing needs to face its biggest challenge yet: maturing into a high performance organization. We provide a proven three step approach: 1. Assess tasks and delivery quality; 2. Define target picture by mapping status quo with ambition level; 3. Achieve next-level professionalism by defining a specific catalogue of measures.


Pricing provides one of the most powerful levers to increase margin, decrease discounts and to increase sales. We offer a broad range of consulting services, including pricing audit, pricing structure, terms & conditions, service pricing; prioritization of pricing improvement levers; value based pricing, pricing organisations and processes. We help you to design competitive pricing structures across categories and countries including rebate logics to maximize your profits.

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Portrait of Tobias Göbbel
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe
+49 160 744-8113