Geopolitics 2.0

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Geopolitics 2.0

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July 25, 2022

A new era of geopolitics

This is not an era of stability. The challenges posed by an unexpected war, a raging pandemic, the vagaries of climate change, politics, trade wars and unpredictable natural disasters, among other things, have altered the geopolitical landscape complicating things for business. For organizations this means constantly staying alert to the changes on the horizon and factoring in the impact of geopolitical events in their business strategy.

In many ways, geopolitics triggered the globalization wave that began in the 1980s. From how it looks, similar geopolitical changes could pose a threat to the prosperity we have grown used to. Are you ready for the new phase of globalization?

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Organizations need to pay constant attention to the stream of changes in the geopolitical landscape, fine-tuning and adapting their strategies as they go along. To help you get a sense of how you need to steer your company in this new era, we have created for you a board game called Think:Risk.

Your task: Expand your company's reach, tackling crises and trumping competition. All you need to do is download and print the PDF, two dice (there is a version below), a good strategy and someone to play with! Good luck!

How to?

  1. To play Think:Risk, you first need to print the PDF file.
  2. If you only have an A4/US printer, you need six sheets of paper in A4/US Letter format.
  3. After printing use tape to assemble the board game.

Highlights from Think:Act “Geopolitics 2.0”

Organizations need to stay alert to how geopolitical volatility could change everything they thought they knew about operating in the world.

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  • Cover story: Chief foreign affairs columnist for The Financial Times Gideon Rachman on why geopolitical change unleashed globalization and is now a threat to it
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is exposing the fragility of the commodities market – and there is an urgent need to stem rising costs.
  • The new space race is underway and everyone wants to be in on the action
  • The fight for digital sovereignty might be solved by setting standards and getting behind open-source software
  • Photographer Nikita Teryoshin offers us a behind-the-scenes peek at arms trade fairs and the business of war
  • Some countries that stand to benefit from climate change are quietly letting the world hurtle towards a new crisis
  • Elon Musk's Tesla is poised to lead the electric car revolution, but are batteries the best path for going green?
  • After 250 million confirmed cases and costing the world $10.3 trillion, the true economic cost of the pandemic is only now emerging
  • Biochemist and "mother of mRNA" Katalin Karikó on the future of the revolutionary technology
  • Nir Eyal, the author of Indistractable and Hooked, speaks about technology, its power of distraction and how to fight that successfully

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Geopolitics 2.0


As organizations navigate shifting geopolitical tectonic plates, Think:Act magazine shows you how to mitigate global risks and stay on track.

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Portrait of Think:Act Magazine

Think:Act Magazine

Munich Office, Central Europe