Sustainability & Climate Action

Sustainability & Climate Action

Rapid action is needed on climate change. We regularly publish our research on topical issues.

Tackling climate change is the task of the century. Today's companies must take rapid climate action – not just as a moral choice, but as an economic necessity. Pressure is growing from consumers, policymakers and investors for corporate management to come up with initiatives and environmental strategies geared towards corporate sustainability and net-zero emissions.

We believe that the world is heading towards a new sustainable paradigm, one that takes the entire value cycle into account. This offers an opportunity for companies: Players who make sustainability an integral part of their strategy today will benefit from a significant competitive advantage in the future. Besides the challenges, there are opportunities and upsides for those who move quickly. Being sustainable is not just good for the planet, it's good for business.

While long-term net-zero targets are necessary, strategic moves and concrete actions in the next few years count the most. Depending on their particular situation and industry, businesses will need to act in areas ranging from climate adaptation, decarbonization, the circular economy and waste management to green materials, the energy transition and hydrogen. New business models and deep profit pools for long-term competitiveness are forming, and companies that actively embed corporate sustainability in their strategy today stand to gain in the form of new revenue opportunities, a better understanding of shifting customer behaviors, less exposure to climate risks and lower climate-related costs across the supply chain – all benefits that could already be visible in the short to medium term.

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