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"Roland Berger's global Just be network allows LGBTQ+ colleagues to share our stories, lift each other up, and grow personally and professionally. "

Scott Schenkelberg

Senior Consultant

Just be is a global and caring community for Roland Berger's LGBTQ+ colleagues around the world. Just be provides a forum to facilitate mentoring and professional exchange, and to discuss questions and concerns.

Just be Friends is the supporting network of Roland Berger's LGBTQ+ community, created to provide colleagues who may not identify as LGBTQ+ a way to support and encourage allyship.


Issues that Matter

We facilitate activities that encourage engagement with our LGBTQ+ colleagues, including Pride Week activities, and internal forums


Reaching Out MBA

We participate in the Annual ROMBA Conference, the world’s largest gathering of LGBTQ+ business students and alumni

Our Mission

To create and promote an environment where all LBGTQ+ colleagues feel accepted and supported to be their true and full selves.

To contribute to shaping an environment that values diversity and shows support for the acceptance of our LGBTQ+ employees worldwide.

To create a truly global and caring network of LGBTQ+ colleagues to facilitate professional and personal exchange and mentoring.

Events and Activities

We regularly engage in and facilitate activities that encourage engagement, awareness and celebration with our LGBTQ+ colleagues, including Pride Week and National Coming Out Month activities, and internal forums to discuss relevant issues and concerns.

The group is active at the annunal ROMBA (Reaching Out MBA) conference and other recruiting events, supports charitable causes, and provides HR with a sounding board for key issues around culture, benefits, and more.


We support and encourage recruitment efforts that provide access to a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline, with opportunities for career growth and advancement.