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Commitment and approach

Due to the fact that education is an important basis for social and economic systems as well as for individuals, we put education center stage in our worldwide corporate citizenship activities.That's why our mission is: EDUCATION by EMPOWERMENT!

In Germany our preferred cooperation partner in this endeavor is the Roland Berger Foundation   whose goal is to promote greater equality of opportunity by supporting talented children and young people from underprivileged families. Together with the Roland Berger Foundation, our Education by Empowerment Initiative has developed ten different standardized formats for volunteering from which our people can choose. Many Roland Berger employees have already done so, making a real difference in many different ways.

We also give back to society at large by way of numerous projects and activities. These are designed to foster the exchange of ideas, provide a catalyst for society's development and promote new initiatives and perspectives.

Roland Berger is a social community made up of various people from various nations with various backgrounds and outlooks. As a business, we're also a part of a community – namely, the society where we work. As a global company, we have a social responsibility that we live up to each day by treating our employees, clients and environment responsibly.

Roland Berger's view that it needs to act as a responsible company is not altruistic. We believe that it lies in our own interest to act responsibly and practice good corporate citizenship. Thus, our commitment benefits not only the general public, but ultimately us as well. We are convinced that corporate responsibility (CR) can contribute to the success of any company in many ways.

Companies have the legitimate goal of making a profit. Reaching for success drives the market economy. We are Roland Berger, a global consulting firm whose purpose is to support our clients in realizing this success.

Milton Friedman once said: "The business of business is business." However, in light of the complexities caused by globalization, climate change, resource scarcity and the various facets of poverty and social inequality, we believe it's necessary to enlarge the notion of economics.

We support the UN Global Compact.   Find our communication on progress here. (PDF, 765 KB)

Corporate responsibility is a strategic business approach.
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