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Japan – Roland Berger Ltd.

Japan is the second largest economy in the world. This fact, coupled with exacting clients and the Japanese business approach, makes Japan a very attractive and challenging business environment for foreign companies. Our Tokyo office, established in 1991, supports foreign companies doing business in the Japanese market, as well as Japanese clients from all the major industries.

This is a demanding combination, and the Tokyo office deals with the challenge by being a Japanese company, helping foreign companies succeed in the Japanese business environment, while at the same time being a foreign company itself, conducting business with Japanese companies.

Tokyo office

Roland Berger Ltd.
ARK Mori Building 23rd Floor
1-12-32 Akasaka
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6023

Phone +81 3 35876-660
Fax +81 3 35876-670
E-mail e-mail

【Shiten No.113】  

Jun 30, 2016



【Shiten No.114】  

Jun 30, 2016



Recruiting information

For recruiting contacts and open positions in Japan, please visit our careers website.  

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