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Study Global Logistics Markets
Aug 20, 2014

The logistics industry is playing an increasingly important role in international commerce  >>

Erfolgreich in der Energiewende
Aug 2, 2014

The energy transition is presenting the German energy market with considerable challenges. Our experts prepared a study analyzing some 500 energy providers (German only)  >>

Lean Telco – Redefining the telecom business
Jul 31, 2014

Our Lean Telco approach is all about enabling telecommunication companies to respond flexibly to the market conditions around them. Read more in the new press release  >>

Thomas Rinn
Jul 29, 2014

Thomas Rinn and Georg Kube share ideas about how entrenched digitalization already is in the industrial sector, and how companies stand to profit from digitizing business processes  >>

The state of the European banking industry
Jul 25, 2014

European Banks have pursued their efforts to strengthen their balance sheet in line with Basel III requirements and in anticipation of ECB Comprehensive Assessment results  >>