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Aug 1, 2013

Warm welcome or locked door: Apple and Google have chosen totally different routes to success  >>

think: act CONTENT "Corporate Headquarters" - for iPad in the Roland Berger Kiosk app
Jul 26, 2013

A new think: act CONTENT shows a way out of the dilemma for Corporate Headquarters: value adding beyond traditional capabilities  >>

Curt Cramer
Jul 22, 2013

The key to success in a Big Data project is strategy, not infrastructure. With the right data mining skills for experimental data usage, you can tackle the real challenge of applying statistical modeling techniques  >>

think: act – Leadership
Jul 19, 2013

We present the 19th installment of our client magazine think: act entitled "Leadership" – available also for your iPad in the Roland Berger Kiosk app  >>

Jul 16, 2013

How does cloud computing make companies more efficient and flexible? Read about it in the interview with Michael Hugos, published in our think: act magazine  >>