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From Headquarters to ahead-quarters
Jan 19, 2015

Corporate headquarters need to prove their worth – six capabilities determine the value corporate headquarters add  >>

The impact of digitization on manufacturing – Industry 4.0
Jan 10, 2015

How can companies profit from Industry 4.0? How does it impact the production and the supply chain of companies? Watch the interview with Thomas Rinn and Bernhard Langefeld  >>

COO Insights
Dec 10, 2014

Based on talks with management and associations, we compiled a new COO Insights issue on Industry 4.0 and its many facets. ENGLISH VERSION NOW AVAILABLE.  >>

Dec 9, 2014

In an interview with Harald Krüger, the current BMW Group's Chief Production Officer and future CEO of BMW, is clearly optimistic about what human-machine interaction will bring to automobile production  >>

Automotive Insights 02.2014
Dec 8, 2014

BRIC, BIC, BC or C? Who will lead former automotive growth markets? In our latest issue of Automotive Insights our experts take deep dives and give answers  >>