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COO Insights - Frugal innovation
Feb 15, 2014

This issue of our COO Insights explores the success factors of frugal innovation, which is a sensible modification of our sometimes too-rigid innovation culture  >>

re:think automotive retail networks
Feb 4, 2014

Dealer profits have recovered since the economic crisis and are back at record levels. But margins will soon be under pressure  >>

Edit Big Data Revolution: Allowing customers to create data-driven profit
Jan 27, 2014

The newly launched Chinese translation of the Roland Berger Strategy Consultants book "In Data We Trust: How customer data is revolutionizing our economy" has been enthusiastically received in China  >>

Roland Berger, founder and Honorary Chairman
Jan 20, 2014

Our founder and Honorary Chairman Roland Berger comments an Germany's high export surplus, which can lead to damaging trade imbalances over the long term  >>

Rail Supply Industry Watch
Jan 16, 2014

Our latest smartphone polling tool queries top executives in the rail supply industry  >>