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think: act – Tales of conversation

Issue 4, 2005

The results of our studies are alarming: Twothirds of all managers of companies approaching a crisis ignore all the symptoms of the demise until it is almost too late, rather than using this opportunity to implement a strategic and sustainable reorientation. This edition’s dossier on corporate restructuring shows that there are better ways of handling the situation. Our contributions demonstrate how complex, but also how worthwhile, strategic restructuring is.

For the purpose of compiling this dossier, our restructuring experts together with the business newspaper Financial Times Deutschland researched success stories, elaborated case studies and spoke to practitioners, investors, professors and other experts. This kind of cooperation between classic journalism and a corporate magazine is a novelty.

Whatever challenges may be ahead—in the end, it is the ability to lead which decides over success or failure. Sports are one good way of advancing an individual’s personality and his or her ability to lead people. For this reason, we asked Jesper Bank, skipper of the first German America’s Cup yacht, to give us an insight into his leadership philosophy. His reply is to be read exclusively in this edition.


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