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think: act – How health care will drive the global economy

Issue 6, 2006

Growth demands innovation, and that is seldom more true than in the health care and pharmaceutical sectors. To make the most of booming interest in health and wellness, companies not only have to develop their own creativity, they must also be open to partnerships and cooperation with both academia and competing firms. Our dossier on how health care is driving growth offers trends, analyses and case studies.

Precisely this form of openness to cooperation across corporate and national boundaries can be a significant competitive advantage for European companies, as the positive examples from our “Best of European Business” initiative demonstrate. Following award presentations in the EU’s seven largest economies in October 2005, we analyzed which companies are the most successful in European business, regardless of their national origin. The result: All of the winners have European roots, and the top companies use Europe as an excellent domestic market.

Our “Best of European Business” companies show additional common characteristics. They pursue a clear strategy, while simultaneously cutting costs and investing in new growth. They use Europe’s plurality as a competitive advantage. They combine hard and soft factors to improve their growth. They are strongly committed to creativity and personality. Or, as we say at Roland Berger, they are “It's character, that creates impact.”


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