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think:act - Together en route to growth

Issue 14, 2009

The world economy apparently has weathered the worst, and 2010 could be another year of growth. Nevertheless, the upswing will depend greatly on how the two global growth drivers China and the US are faring—and thus their impact on the prevailing mood in other important economies.

For our dossier, we therefore went in search of the “green shoots” in both countries, which have been the focus of much debate. And we addressed the question of how Europe can turn the tailwind of a strong business cycle into sustainable growth.

Regardless of how quickly the upswing arrives, the apocalypse still expected by many commentators in early 2009 failed to materialize. Indeed, it now even appears questionable whether the economic and financial crisis will fundamentally impact the principles of capitalism.

Our columnists — one a confirmed free-market advocate, the other an ardent liberal —both agree: Our economic system will remain the way it is. Still, we are certain that the recent crisis has raised many new questions for business leaders. We need a new understanding of successful business management, we require new instruments —and, sometimes, we are also in need of more practice. In our report, we present a rather unconventional place for managers to perfect their leadership skills: a conductor’s podium.

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