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The Brazilian Decade - Time to act in a unique situation


Brazil is already an economic heavyweight. For example, in exports of sugar, ethanol, soy and beef, Brazil is number one in the world. Brazil's potential is based on its unique strengths: a young, dynamic population; a service-oriented attitude; huge, partially unexploited offshore oil fields near the coast; the world's largest land reserves and the largest rainforests on earth. In addition, the technology leaders in ethanol-driven engines and in offshore oil extraction are in Brazil, while there is a growing demand for ethanol and ethanol-based technologies worldwide.

The country also has stable domestic and foreign policies and conservative banking regulation which prevented the collapse of the financial system.

On top of all that, it is a very large domestic market with a growing middle class that enjoys increasing buying power.

Brazil will be the only BRIC country to grow faster in 2010 than it did before the crisis. According to the latest IMF forecast, GDP growth will reach 7.1% this year. There are some concerns, but Brazilian companies can leverage their strengths to become global leaders, if they use the right strategies to drive innovation and growth.


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