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Global Automotive Supplier Study 2011


The worldwide automotive supplier industry is currently booming with average profit margins of 6.2% – higher even than their pre-crisis levels.

However, financial performance of suppliers differs heavily depending on headquarter region, company size and product focus.

  • European suppliers achieved an EBITmargin of almost 7%, while North American and Japanese suppliers remain below global average
  • Small and medium-sized suppliers have significantly improved their profitability compared to pre-crisis levels
  • Chassis focused suppliers achieved the highest profitability, while Interior and Electric suppliers remain below average

Besides keeping profitability at a high level and ensuring real global delivery capability, suppliers need to put an even stronger focus on product innovation. Only suppliers who can differentiate themselves from competition via superior product functionality will be able to sustainably achieve EBIT margins in the range of 6% and above. Most other suppliers will get further pushed into the commodity corner, where their profit will be locked-in at a 3-4% level.

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