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8 Billion Business Opportunities


8 Billion Business Opportunities is a publication series looking at how population growth will improve economic prospects. By 2030, the world's population will increase by one-fifth, or double Europe's current population, to reach 8.3 billion. 95% of this growth won't be in the industrialized nations, but in emerging markets.

In less than two decades, the emerging markets will account for more than half of global GDP. Their average GDP is growing by almost 7% a year, nearly three times faster than in developed countries. Twenty of these markets – our Focus 20 countries – are expected to offer the most attractive growth opportunities, as they represent two-thirds of the total emerging market growth. European companies should plan now to tap into the powerful demographic and economic trends changing our world.

8 Billion Business Opportunities will explore rapidly evolving emerging markets, highlight sectors that could see disrupted or new value chains, and review promising competitive strategies to enter and expand in the most important emerging markets.

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