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Trojan horses of decline


Corporate success depends on a number of internal and external factors. However, contrary to what many companies think, poor strategic decisions and not business cycles are the main cause of corporate crises. If a company's activities are not in line with what the market demands, then the business model is transformed into a Trojan Horse. These are the main theses of the book entitled "Trojan Horses of Decline" by René Seyger, Partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

"Far too often, companies look for external factors as the cause of their crises," says René Seyger, author of the book and Partner at Roland Berger in the Netherlands. "This is an unfounded reaction because economic stagnation or a recession are never the real cause of a company's failure." Instead, companies fail because they make the wrong strategic decisions. "Wrong decisions or a lack of decision making sneaks into the company like a Trojan Horse and often paralyzes the company," warns Seyger.


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