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Clean Economy, Living Planet - The Race to the Top of Global Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing


For four years, WWF and Roland Berger have tracked developments in the global clean energy technology (cleantech) sector and ranked countries according to their cleantech sales. The 3rd annual “Clean Economy, Living Planet” report ranks 40 countries based on the 2011 sales value of the clean energy technology products they manufacture.

The report shows that the EU has lost its position to China as the leader in the fast growing global cleantech energy manufacturing sector. However, when cleantech sales are weighted as a percentage of GDP, Denmark and Germany occupied the first and third position globally.

Last year the sector’s global sales value rose by 10% to almost €200 billion, close to the scale of consumer electronics manufacturing. It is projected to overtake oil and gas equipment in the next three years.

Download the full report here. (PDF, 3413 KB)


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