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Second Global Market Expansion Services Report


In this year’s Market Expansion Services report, data from over 350 survey respondents and more than 25 interviews with industry experts, executives, and thought leaders on the topic of service innovation was consolidated and analyzed. The results of this study help decision makers gain a deeper insight to the benefits of service innovation and its implications for the Market Expansion Services industry.

Once seen as a means of saving costs for back-end services, such as IT or call centers, a new category of outsourcing services has emerged as a result of globalization and high growth rates, particularly in emerging markets: these are market expansion services (MES) that support companies to grow in new and existing markets. As increasing numbers of companies seek such expansion potential, demand for MES has exploded.

Today, this outsourcing sub-sector has become one of the most promising areas within the outsourcing industry. But, with increased potential comes increased demand, making innovation an imperative for MES providers. To succeed, they must not only improve their services offerings, but also apply the original thinking necessary to increase the type and level of sophistication of those new services. Innovation is key to elevating their services above the industry standard and creating a market advantage for themselves, their clients, and their customers.


For the complete report and further information, please visit www.marketexpansion.com  

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