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Casual games are for everyone and everywhere


The popularity of online casual games is skyrocketing: one in four of the world's population regularly accesses games on the Internet; in the US alone there are 145 million users. In Europe, too, the market for casual gaming will almost double in the coming years: by 2016, experts at Roland Berger anticipate that the German market will grow to almost USD 785 million, while the French market will rocket to more than USD 1.2 billion.

The development of the online market is the biggest driver of growth in the industry. But the growing spread of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs is also instrumental. If the makers of casual games are to make the most of the immense market potential, they need to install professional business models, continually offer innovative and high-quality products and discover new channels through which to sell their products. These are the findings of this publication from the think:act CONTENT series, "Casual Gaming".

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