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Hot Markets - How new business ideas from emerging markets will revolutionize the west


This think: act CONTENT on emerging markets highlights business model innovations from so-called developing countries that managers and decision-makers simply cannot ignore. Capitalizing on Roland Berger Strategy Consultants' vast global footprint, this issue is a product of the firm's continuing research on economic trends and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Emerging markets are the new laboratories of innovation, having given rise to low-cost engineering and infrastructure leapfrogging, among others. They are also home to a growing and powerful consumer force. Even the four billion people at the bottom of the economic pyramid collectively spend USD 5 trillion on goods and services. Managers are discovering that it is no longer sufficient to simply reengineer products, as with the popular practice of "glocalization"; business models themselves have to be rethought if companies want to succeed and stay competitive.

This think: act CONTENT puts forward business models that could revolutionize the industrialized world, from frugal engineering to government-led social programs. It also outlines the strategies companies should adopt to keep in step with change, echoing the words of World Bank president Jim Yong Kim: "We have to realize that it may be that it's the most financially constrained areas where the greatest social innovations come from."


Listen to the interview with Diogo Granate, a Principal in the Jakarta office and an expert on Southeast Asia and its growing markets on management radio.  

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