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Power in Africa – Future and key challenges


Africa's energy problems have been chronic for decades, but there are valid reasons for optimism. The continent is on a positive growth path, both economically and demographically. Economic development, an emerging middle class and increasing urbanization rates will drive demand for electric power which is expected to put further strain on the currently insufficient generating capacity and fragmented infrastructure, both in terms of regional transmission, as well as rural and urban distribution.

Africa has always possessed enormous potential for power generation, and changes to governance will lead to greater investment access and technological improvements, which in turn will bring about attractive opportunities for businesses to help modernize Africa's energy infrastructure.

However, immediate actions are necessary to tackle the imminent issues on several fronts. African governments and industries must recognize the importance of the energy sector and work to modernize it, as addressing these urgent energy needs will support the achievement of development goals. Africa will need to act on increasing security of supply through advanced capacity planning, energy mix diversification and better integration both locally, through increased electricity access, and regionally through cooperation and collaborative infrastructure investment.


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