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Restructuring study 2013


In terms of their own competitiveness, German companies are looking optimistically into the future: According to the "Restructuring study 2013" by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, about 80% of respondents think that they will continue to grow until 2015. The study revealed that German companies consider themselves to be competitive compared to other European players. However, they were less optimistic about the rest of Europe. Two-thirds of those surveyed expect the European economy to stagnate or even slip into recession in the next few years.

"German companies are well positioned overall, and that's why they're internationally competitive," says Max Falckenberg, Partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. "However, they appear to underestimate the economic risks in Europe significantly." After all, the German economy is very export oriented. "If neighboring EU countries slip into recession, this will negatively impact German companies too," explains Falckenberg. "They need to be ready should this happen!"

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