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The North American oil and gas sector


Roland Berger has done extensive work in the North American oil & gas value chain, supporting chemicals and materials suppliers, equipment manufacturers, service companies, and oil & gas operators in their quest to participate in the shale-driven energy industry revival in the region. After 5 years of unbridled growth between 2006 and 2011, industry expansion has slowed down, with falling gas prices, oil prices stuck in a narrow band, and logistical constraints in the Bakken driving low tight oil pricing at the wellhead. In parallel industry participants have increased their understanding of where value is created and captured along the chain, and, in this lower growth environment, are adapting their participation models and behaviors accordingly. Roland Berger believes that this value chain reconfiguration is creating significant opportunities and threats for incumbent players as well as new entrants from North America or other countries seeking to capture a slice of the shale boom pie.


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