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Study on future automotive growth markets and implications for suppliers


The car industry must get ready for changing conditions in the BRIC countries: The Russian market is shrinking, growth in Brazil is slowing and India's development is uncertain. China is the only market that will grow substantially. This means car suppliers must take appropriate action and tap new growth markets.

The BRIC markets guarantee carmakers and suppliers long-term reliable sales markets and low-cost production sites. A current study by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants takes a close look at the prospects in Brazil, Russia, India and China up through 2019. The findings: The dynamic growth experienced in BRIC is over. Except for China, all other BRIC markets experienced losses in 2013 and will recover only over the medium term. Only China will continue to grow significantly – with almost double-digit growth rates. We point out the risks and opportunities in the four regions, present strategies so that car suppliers can adjust their local activities to the changing situations and show where new attractive growth markets are emerging.


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