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Sharing the future – Perspectives on the Chinese car sharing market

Car sharing is a global trend. This business model, developed in industrialized countries, is meeting with increasing interest and demand in emerging economies as well, especially in Asia. Nearly two million users worldwide have already signed up for some kind of car-sharing service, and the market is worth about one billion US dollars. And it continues to grow: Since 2006, the number of car-sharing vehicles has grown almost five-fold, and the number of members is expected to grow by almost 30% annually over the coming years. This development is being reinforced by other global trends, such as how vehicles are becoming increasingly connected with the infrastructure, other vehicles, etc. (referred to as car-to-X). Other examples include state and regional promotional programs and changes in individual mobility behavior. Many car-sharing providers and automotive manufacturers have recognized the opportunities here and are already internationally active, whether for private users or in fleet operations.

The car-sharing market in China is growing at an above-average rate: In their new study "Sharing the future – Perspectives on the Chinese car-sharing market", the experts at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants predict annual growth of about 80% for the next five years. Jürgen Reers, Partner in the Automotive Competence Center at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, explains the reasoning behind this optimism: "Chinese consumers view this topic in a very positive light. The technological requirements such as mobile internet are widely available, and the government has already started supporting the first domestic providers of car-sharing services as they enter the market. We therefore see a broad range of opportunities for providers of car-sharing and fleet services."


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