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Truck aftersales: Roadmap to excellence

With margins in new truck sales eroding and competition becoming fiercer with new players such as Original Equipment Suppliers (OES) and independent retailers entering the market, the importance of aftersales to generate profits is growing.

To turn "know-how into do-how" Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) require three pillars of excellence in aftersales: Know your customer, unleash your current potential and exploit new potential. All three pillars need to be addressed, but OEMs cannot implement these actions in a generalized manner. They need to be adapted to specific markets, brands and products.

With the aftermarket business offering huge potential on revenue and margin (25-40% contribution margin), OEMs require comprehensive guidelines to conquer the multidimensional challenges.

Our recent study focuses on the decisive management factors for realizing aftersales excellence. We believe that three areas of action are crucial for ensuring strategic and operational excellence. Read the attached study to find out how we derived key success factors from general market trends and how to best implement them.


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