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Digitization and the Market Expansion Services Industry

In their most recent market study, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants have analyzed the Market Expansion Services industry for the fourth time. According to Roland Berger’s independent research, the global MES volume grew up to USD 2.7 trillion in 2013. This growth dynamic is expected to continue until 2018, when the forecast volume will stand at USD 3.8 trillion with an average annual growth of 7.4%, meaning that the global MES market is again outperforming the global consumption market by 1% p.a.

The new report focuses on digitization, the transformation of business processes through digital technologies, and how it is impacting corporate business models. Digitization is a vital driving force of the 21st century and is moving up the agenda on companies' list of business priorities.

The three digitization trends – mobile commerce, business intelligence and smart infrastructures – will have a meaningful impact on companies within the next five years. Although digitization is not changing the fun-damentals of doing business, it enables new business opportunities and opens up possibilities for growth and efficiency gains. These trends will affect the ways business transactions are conducted and how companies interact with their suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

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