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Supply Chain Excellence Study


The value chain forms the backbone of every manufacturing firm and is key to their business success. It encompasses all activities – from Plan and Source to Make and Deliver. Roland Berger experts have taken a closer look at the value chains in various industry sectors for their latest study. Companies find themselves particularly challenged by rising customer demands in respect of reliability, flexibility and costs combined with a constantly changing operating environment.

The study answers a number of key questions to help businesses survive in this competitive arena and draw the right conclusions for their own value chain:

  • How big an influence are various trends having on the value chain?
  • How important are the different targets in the value chains in relation to one another?
  • How important is a company's value chain in differentiating from the competition?
  • What are the key levers for enhancing the value chain?

The Roland Berger experts also provide an insider's insight into different industries, identify future trends and help CEOs, COOs and Supply Chain Managers in making the right decisions when it comes to optimizing their value chains.


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