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The Engineering Excellence Study 2015


As widely known, R&D activities largely define product costs already very early in the product development process. Besides strategic and tactical questions on the R&D footprint or make-or-buy in Engineering, companies have to decide on the organizational setup and processes, the role of project/program management or engineering methods and tools for a lean and efficient engineering function.

The experts of Roland Berger and the University of Reutlingen have taken a closer look at the R&D in various industries for their latest study. In particular the continuous globalization trend confronts engineers with new and quickly changing customer requirements at ever reduced costs.

The study answers a number of key questions to help businesses survive in this competitive arena and draw the right conclusions for their own R&D:

  • How do companies design the R&D footprint and which are the influencing factors?
  • How are technology roadmaps being used and how effective are they?
  • How are local customer requirements being identified and met?
  • How and with which methods / tools is the engineering project management organized?

This study also provides an insider's insight into different industries and help CEOs, CTOs and decision makers in making the right decisions when it comes to optimizing their R&D activities.


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