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Building and managing a value-centric network

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June 14, 2015

Take a value-centric approach

In the telecom industry, growing value was once a simple equation: build a network, and the customers will come. This is no longer the case, and telecom operators are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain historical profit levels. Intense competition and saturated markets are partially to blame, but the rising demand for mobile data consumption is simply not generating revenues in line with the traffic it creates. Industry players are under pressure, and they understand that every penny invested in networks and infrastructure counts. With the question facing the industry being one of how to maximize ROIC, we believe the key to cracking the issue lies in taking a value-centric approach.

This publication explores how revenue potential can be more comprehensively understood, value creation spots better isolated, and customer expectations more effectively managed—certainly none of which are easy tasks. Value-optimizing investment plans requires Big Data-driven strategic decisions that finely balance CAPEX trade-offs to achieve revenue growth, subscriber acquisition, and traffic growth, whilst maintaining Quality of Experience (QoE). In order for CAPEX to align marketing, sales, and the network on action items, you must determine what a justified tangible customer experience actually means.

We walk you through five key questions every telecom player should address, from identifying your most profitable segments, to effective targeting practices and balancing resources between retention and acquisition. These form a springboard to our six-step process for building a value-centric network, a proven, Big Data-driven approach that provides exhaustive solutions to these questions. We’ve already advised several telecom operators using this methodology, and we’ve seen time and time again in our project experience that the difference between success and failure is often how well integrated the methodologies are in the organization. We offer this publication as an introduction to our cutting-edge approach.

Written bei Damien Dujacquier, Roland Berger Partner in Singapore.


Building and managing a value-centric network


Telecom operators need to step up their game and be sure that they maximize their ROIC through smarter investment decisions.

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