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Digitalization for the people

April 6, 2017

Most actors in the realms of politics, the economy and the media have now grasped the fundamental upheavals that digitalization brings. It is therefore only logical that in 2017 the topic is on the agenda of the G20, the central forum for economic cooperation between the leading industrialized and emerging countries. This year’s German presidency creates an opportunity to discuss the digitalization as a focal point of questions about our economic, political and social future and, in the process, to express the German and European perspectives on these issues.

It is important to make a powerful statement in favor of fairness and equity in the design and execution of digitalization. Global value chains have improved the lives of people throughout the world. However, these benefits have so far eluded many people, and many even now look back on a decade of economic stagnation. In Europe and the USA, this has contributed to a resurgence of populist movements that now advocate economic and political isolationism. Movements critical of globalization are growing in emerging countries too. The citizens of the G20 countries will consent to a bold step into the digital future only if they themselves do not rank among the losers of globalization and digitalization.

In its capacity as a non-partisan think tank and a voice of the European Internet and digital economy, the IE.F has, in collaboration with Roland Berger, identified the key areas in which a digital G20 agenda must take action.

  1. Ensure fair and free competition in the digital arena
  2. Create innovation-friendly conditions
  3. Press ahead with the no-gaps expansion of broadband
  4. Promote forward-looking education as a key to social mobility
  5. Ensure diversity of opinion in digital media

Our objective is to establish open markets and transparent competition as the cornerstones of digital growth stimuli, giving people the opportunity for social advancement and greater economic prosperity.


Digitalization for the people


An agenda for more growth, better education and equal opportunities in the G20 countries

Published April 2017. Available in
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