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Digitization of the construction industry

July 19, 2016

There is no alternative to digitization. Even on the building site. Construction needs to catch up. Digitization is about businesses encountering connected systems at every link in the value chain. It is about working with tools and practices based on information and communication technology.

This understanding is changing the role of digital technologies. They are no longer mere tools to help companies do the same things a bit better. Instead, they fundamentally change the way business is done. Digitization permeates every part of every company: multinationals and midcaps, all-rounders and specialists alike.

A glance at other industries shows the extent to which digitization is turning proven and familiar practices on their head. In the music industry, for example, digital offerings already account for 46% of total sales worldwide. On this kind of scale, it is certainly reasonable to speak of a revolution – especially as one has to assume that digitization has replaced legacy business models in their entirety.

Ignoring digitization is a mistake

Companies face the challenge of deciding which approaches suit them best and how they can be implemented. Ignoring digitization entirely is not one of the options. Recent developments in construction and other branches of industry show that there is no stopping the megatrend toward digitization.

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Digitization of the construction industry


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