Enabling smarter cities

Enabling smarter cities

August 4, 2017

Urban logistics of tomorrow

Since the amount and complexity of urban shipments is drastically increasing, the negative impact on cities does not go without notice. Higher urban emissions and especially increased congestion are only some consequences of the growing number of urban deliveries. In some European cities first solutions, such as regulated time slots for street parking in Paris or increased usage of bike delivery in Berlin, have already been implemented. And further next generation urban logistics solutions are underway: Start-ups from different sectors gain momentum offering e.g. delivery platforms or transport solutions as well as incumbents begin embracing advanced technology to enhance their products and services.

Smarter cities will be characterized by more sustainable urban logistics solutions. Reaching that goal will be a collective challenge – Academia researching innovative solutions, governments enabling permissive regulatory frameworks and companies being visionary.

The Urban Logistics Convention 2017 will bring together international top-level experts representing industry, research and users to discuss latest developments, current challenges and opportunities for the future of city logistics.

Be part of this discussion and join us at the Urban Logistics Convention in Amsterdam on November 21-22, 2017. Register on .