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Paraguay's market potential for automotive suppliers

October 11, 2015

A new Roland Berger report entitled "Paraguay's market potential for the regional automotive supplier industry" examines a Latin American country that is still relatively unknown in the West. Authors Senior Partner Dr. Thomas Schlick and Project Manager Thomas Totzeck take an in-depth look at "new kid on the block" Paraguay.Of the eight Latin American countries looked at by Roland Berger, Paraguay is relatively free from the troubles plaguing currency and commodities in the larger Latin American states. Its political stability is of course a further benefit for potential investors.

Financially, there are very good reasons why foreign automotives should be looking more closely at Paraguay. As Project Manager Thomas Totzeck explains, "Paraguay is second only to Chile in terms of government debt as a percentage of GDP (16.6%) – low taxes, a simple tax structure, stable currency and a flexible workforce with a relatively low level of unionization all speak in favor of investment".

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Paraguay's market potential for the regional automotive supplier industry


Paraguay has recently demonstrated a very stable political environment and good prospects.

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