Roland Berger Robustness Maturity Index

Roland Berger Robustness Maturity Index

October 18, 2021

How robust is your organization?

Today's companies are caught between two regions of high pressure. On the one hand they have to deal with fundamental issues that call for urgency when it comes to taking action, such as climate change. On the other they face the challenge of uncertainty or different variables simultaneously influencing future scenarios – from global financial crises to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assess your organization's level of robustness

Only the most robust of companies can survive these challenges. But how can you tell how robust your organization is, how well prepared it is to weather the coming storms? To help you check your resilience, Roland Berger has developed a free assessment tool. The Roland Berger Robustness Maturity Index investigates companies' performance in terms of their short, medium and long-term abilities along six dimensions. It gives you the proper perspective on your own performance and enables you to effectively assess your organization's level of maturity in terms of robustness. This then helps with the task of identifying priorities for action.

Six key dimensions contribute to robustness

Our holistic approach to robustness considers the six key dimensions that we believe contribute to a company's robustness: Purpose, culture and strategy; leadership and talent; financing and investments; process and organizational dynamics; ecosystems and networks; and technology and data. By scoring you on each of these dimensions, we are able to calculate where you stand on the road to robustness. For this, we use our five archetypes. Are you a Defender, with multiple areas for improvement with regard to both your short-term ability to react and your medium to long-term ability to evolve? Or a Visionary, focused on ensuring a great company culture, strong leadership and other elements typical of future-oriented organizations? Or maybe you're a Gamechanger, actively developing and driving the direction of change as much as you react to it?

Find out how you rank against your industry average

Besides calculating your overall personal score, the Roland Berger Robustness Maturity Index also breaks down your performance in terms of your short-term reaction capability and your medium-to-long-term adaptability. In addition, we give the benchmark for your particular industry and identify initial areas you can work on in order to strengthen your robustness.

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