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Shared mobility

June 30, 2014

All roads lead to sharing

There’s a new trend emerging across the global economy: sharing. From goods and services to accommodation and mobility, disruptive business models are accommodating the fundamental human need to be part of a community—and rising customer numbers and revenues signal that this shift in consumer habits will transform a number of industries for years to come. Shared mobility is among the fastest growing segments of the shared economy, with usage replacing ownership. Now that an astonishing 50% of car owners could imagine sharing their car in the future, it’s time to investigate what these trends mean for tomorrow’s business.

In this publication, we offer a guide for businesses, financial investors, and start-up entrepreneurs alike who wish to understand the mechanisms, points of access, and management requirements that apply in the rapid¬ly changing world of mobility. Alongside portraits of some of the industry’s most fascinating players, we examine what factors are driving growth, what principles apply, and which markets are the most important. Market growth is projected to reach 20-30% per annum, and we outline what opportunities and strategic options both new and established businesses can leverage to maximize their share of these potential profits.

New world of private transportation

The findings of our extensive research into the heart of this emerging industry are presented as ten principles that are critical to the suc¬cess of shared mobility offerings. These recommendations cover ground from ways to rethink your financials and strategy, to making the right partnerships, understanding your customer, and presenting yourself as a reflection of a cutting-edge market. By the year 2025, shared mobility will be a sector worth 30 billion euros, but that’s not all. In a projection report, we look at how today’s revolutionary ideas can grow into a sustainable, convenient reality built on shared resources. Action now can secure you company’s place in a new world of private transportation.


Shared mobility


How new businesses are rewriting the rules of the private transportation game

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