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Strategic Business Transformation

July 7, 2015

Creating the energy to transform

Incremental adjustments can be useful, but in a world faced with rapidly changing customer needs, new regulations, and constant innovation, it is wise to consider undertaking a transformation before a crisis point is reached. In a 2014 study, our research indicated that more than two thirds of companies were currently running a transformation program to adapt business models or enact organizational changes. Making these programs work relies highly on the organization's energy-to-change, a power that lies within your entire team. From CEO to employees, management must harness the willingness, motivation, and energy to drive transformation and contribute to the future. Our report on strategic business transformation takes an in-depth look at the necessary actions and attitudes.

We found that management must find a way to build and sustain both emotional and rational energy-to-change, as well as serving as the leaders of the transformation. They can build rational energy by helping people understand why the transformation is necessary, giving clear explanations of how things will continue if no action is taken, laying out a strategic plan, and shaping a common goal and vision. A step-by-step plan for the transformation will give employees direction as well as engender transparency. Emotional energy comes from inspiring employees. Strong leaders are needed to keep morale up as well as inspire leaders at other levels, creating an motivational chain reaction.

Even with these attitudes in place, a business may encounter obstacles. Our study provides techniques to help understand and quell opposition. With reassurance and direction from a respected and enthusiastic leader, everyone can get involved in the transformation and receive recognition for their contributions. A positive team spirit will be the key to an effective, successful transformation and your company’s new future.


Strategic Business Transformation


Why managing people´s "ready-to-change" is key in a successful transformation

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