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The new balance

November 14, 2014

Work-life balance promises a win-win situation for everyone. A new study by Roland Berger and the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth reveals investment returns of up to 25 percent are to be had by companies willing to offer employees a healthy balance between work and personal life. Not only that, organizations profit from an improved company image and higher rates of employee motivation. At the same time, employees benefit from increased flexibility and more time with their families.

The goal for the new concept for work-life balance, proposed in the study, is the development of a family friendly working environment and culture for men and women, tailored to the needs of the individual. In particular, the up and coming generation of professionals under the age of 30, also known as Generation Y, place high value on work-life balance.

With shifting employment and domestic trends, the lean towards work-life balance is increasing. For companies, this means offering employees access to childcare, as well as the option for staff to work from home or part-time. One thing is clear - the new work-life balance solution is about quality rather than quantity.


The new balance


Why Germany needs a new leap forward in the quality of work/life balance!

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