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Megatrend 7: Sustainability & global responsibility

February 12, 2018

The benefits of responsibilty

In times of manifold conflicts and global challenges such as climate change, the need for societal and economic sustainability, as well as global responsibility, is only too evident. In particular, the increasing number of intrastate conflicts is calling for an enduring coordination of international governance in the future. For companies and their global value chains, this suggests a need to review potential areas of conflict more vigilantly.

Good and sustainable national and supranational governance can strengthen democracy and build the basis for strong policy performance. But despite the availability of multiple policy options for a sustainable development, many unresolved issues remain. While current levels of state-directed official development assistance are clearly insufficient, global private philanthropy is on the rise

This trend is strengthened via a growing global middle class whose power to contribute to philanthropic spending will increase strongly towards 2030. Customers demand sustainable products and are also willing to pay more for products and services from corporations that act in a socially responsible manner. Utilizing this dynamic, effective CSR management, communication and execution has the potential to add value for corporations.


Trend Compendium 2030, Megatrend 7


Sustainability & global responsibility

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