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Winning from liberalization

Portrait of Andreas Schwilling
Senior Advisor
Munich Office, Central Europe
May 17, 2017

The degree of rail market liberalization within the EU is still quite diverse: liberal markets in the UK and Sweden, traditional, non-liberal markets in France and Spain, and situations in between in Germany, Austria and Italy. Due to ongoing efforts of the European Union, changes will increase remarkably within the next years. Rail players need actionable plans to profit from the full liberalization of domestic and regional passenger transport – the EU's fourth railway package. It is meant to increase competition, resulting in better prices and higher customer satisfaction.

Incumbents should expect new market entrants with competing commercial services. Authorities will be mandated to publicly tender public service rail contracts, a significant change from the current situation with many contracts being awarded directly, which only in some exceptional situations will be allowed in the future.

There are lessons to be learned from the new competitors. With this publication we lend a hand to regional rail transport incumbents. Five key levers help them to benefit from the ongoing liberalization.


Winning from liberalization


Initiatives to profit from the Fourth Railway Package

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