the Original You.

Be the Original You.

Timo, Senior Consultant


  • Bachelor's degree in Sports Management with an exchange semester at the Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Master’s degree in Business with an exchange semester at the Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea
  • 4 years of work experience in the consumer goods industry with a focus on Asia and North America
  • My first real touchpoint with Roland Berger was through my brother who joined Roland Berger in 2016 and has loved it ever since and therefore played a big role in me joining as well
  • Favorite topics include fashion, e-commerce and sustainability
  • Besides work, I am a sports enthusiast and enjoy spending time with family and friends

"To me, 'Be the original you' means not having to change who you are – on the contrary, being encouraged to be exactly that. This is what I love about Roland Berger – here, you are encouraged to be the original you and are valued for that, no matter who you are!"


Why Roland Berger?

After having spent four years in industry working for a young and rapidly growing company, with international exposure in Asia and the US, I decided to join Roland Berger for two reasons:

1. I wanted to complement my skillset with a strategy-focused toolbox that helps me solve any problem, no matter how difficult or complex.

2. I wanted to get insights into new industries without having to specialize and therefore limit myself.

Roland Berger delivered on both points and I am excited to continue this journey.

What makes Roland Berger special for me?

Besides the hard-working mentality and always striving to excel, Roland Berger places a lot of value on fostering an empathetic environment. The unique setup of diverse and international people motivates me every day to give my best. Another factor that contributes to this special setup is the uniqueness of my brother working for Roland Berger, too. We share the journey to work and often have lunch or grab a coffee together and exchange thoughts about our current tasks.

My favorite project

Together with our client, a rapidly growing e-commerce player in the consumer goods industry, we developed a sustainability roadmap as part of the client's future strategy. The fact that we were thoroughly involved in building the client's future strategic foundation was really exciting, all the more so when we saw the work go live.

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