Be Training

Training courses

Permanent learning is key to our success

Your continued professional development is important to us. We keep up with the trends and invest continuously in your professional and personal skills.

Kickoff - Make a flying start

Your onboarding day will give you the chance to familiarize yourself with our key tools and processes right from the start of your new job.

Several times a year, we also organize kickoff trainings for all new joiners. This is an opportunity for you to network with colleagues from all over the world and do some intensive preparations in readiness for your new work. Through workshops and groupwork, you will learn the tools of the consulting trade.
The contacts you make with colleagues from our international offices will be friendships that last your whole career.

Never stop learning

Throughout the course of your career, we offer multi-day boot camps for the various career stages you'll pass through. There are also numerous training courses you can sign up for as and when it suits. You can take courses in how to moderate a workshop, how to resolve conflicts constructively, how to become an authentic leader, and much more besides. Or perhaps you want to learn more about data analytics and data science? Whichever course you choose, you'll be learning from the best trainers.

Besides continued professional development, networking is naturally important, too. Our training sessions also provide an ideal platform for exchanging ideas with colleagues from the different offices. For our female consultants in particular, we hold additional training sessions as part of our EmpowHER initiative, bringing women together with other female colleagues from all over the world.

Above and beyond the face-to-face training available, you can also choose from an extensive internal and external e-learning offering to sharpen your skills.

Challenge Club

Do you stand out from even the best of the best? Then we'll welcome you to our Challenge Club. This is where our top talents come together, improve their leadership skills and take part in first-class training and coaching. A place for you to unleash your full potential!

Portrait of Solange, Brussels office
Solange, Brussels office
When I received the invitation to join the Challenge Club, I really didn't expect to get so much out of it! Being a member of the Challenge Club is an exceptional opportunity to develop your leadership skills, to get to know yourself as a future leader but also to develop and maintain your network within the company. The trainings are focused on our personal development & journey and are delivered by high quality trainers with off the beaten path methods! Exchanges with the management team are foreseen and allow us to co-construct.
In addition to this, the Challenge Club allows us to travel and discover great destinations such as The Workstation Village near Turin, or Cascais, just outside Lisbon.
For all these reasons, I am very lucky to be part of the Challenge Club!