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Learn from the champions - patterns of German engineering

Book, 2014

What makes an engineering firm successful, and what can firms learn from the champions in the engineering industry? Read more in our book authored by Martin Eisenhut and Ralph Lässig …  >>

Scenario-based strategic planning

Book, 2013

The book published by Burkhard Schwenker and Torsten Wulf (HHL) describes scenario-based planning as an effective method for dealing with uncertainty, volatility and complexity …  >>

On Good Management

Book, 2013

How do companies deal with the growing complexity in the world around us? What are the implications for good management? Read more in the book "On Good Management" …  >>

Light Footprint Management

Book, 2013

What can managers learn from President Obama’s military doctrine and Chinese management style? Charles-Edouard Bouée proposes the adoption of “light footprint” management …  >>

8 billion business opportunities

Book, 2013

"8 Billion Business Opportunities" investigates innovative products and business prospects in emerging markets …  >>

Europe's hidden potential

Book, 2013

In a period where the EU has been inundated with harsh criticism and negative sentiments, a new book by Burkhard Schwenker and Thomas Clark strikes a rather different note by offering a bold and positive message: Europe has all the ingredients required to become a new beacon for a global economy …  >>

In Data We Trust

Book, 2012

Written by a team of experienced marketing experts this enlightening book describes the revolutionary change in the marketing environment in recent years, provides fascinating case studies and gives indispensable advice on smart use of customer data …  >>

Trojan horses of decline

Book, 2012

"Wrong decisions or a lack of decision making sneaks into the company like a Trojan Horse and often paralyzes the company," warns Seyger in his book "Trojan horses of decline" …  >>

Innovative Geschäftsmodelle

Book, 2011

In the latest book from the Roland Berger Academic Series entitled "Innovative Geschäftsmodelle", top-class authors discuss the conceptual basics of innovative business models and how they are put into practice …  >>

rethink: CEO - Europe shows the way!

Book (in German), 2011

In his new book in the re: think CEO series, Professor Burkhard Schwenker, Chairman of our Supervisory Board, expounds why the European management model is superior to the American one …  >>

China's Management Revolution

think: act Book, 2010

A new Chinese management model is already in place, which fits today's fast-paced volatile business world …  >>

Green Growth, Green Profit

think: act Book, 2010

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword – it's shaking up the business world as did the Industrial Revolution centuries before …  >>

Erfolg durch Green Transformation

Book (in German), 2010

re: think CEO on Green Transformation shows how European and German companies have to position themselves to be ready for climate change and resource scarcity …  >>

Machtfrage Change

Book (in German), 2010

Authors Torsten Oltmanns and Daniel Nemeyer offer new concepts for successful company transformation …  >>

Railway transformation

Book, 2010

The book on "Railway transformation", edited by Transportation partner Martin Streichfuss offers its readers an overview of recent developments in the railway business and presents a useful synopsis of the issues facing today's rail companies all over the world …  >>

Kommunikation und Krise

Book (German only), 2009

Business forecasts are often ambiguous. This is because supposedly exact economic "reality" is based on a common "interpretation“ that is clearly influenced by corporate managers, academia and politics …  >>

Handbook Utility Management

Book, 2009

Along with the increasing deregulation of European utility markets, the dynamics of and the competitive pressure in the utility industries have steadily increased over the last few years …  >>

re:think CEO: Manager in der Medienfalle

Book (German only), 2009

The new edition of Roland Berger's book series, "re: think CEO", entitled "Managers in the media trap", shows PR work is no longer just something for the specialists, but a strategic management task …  >>

Strategisch denken, mutiger führen

Book, 2008

Leadership has become more difficult. Globalization has reduced confidence in trends and structures and the worldwide economic crisis means management is facing dramatic challenges. Against this backdrop, people's confidence in managers has reached a new low. In light of all this, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schwenker, CEO of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, has published a new book …  >>

think:act - Innovating at the Top

think: act Book, 2008

"Innovating at the Top" presents revealing interviews with CEOs at nine highly innovative international corporations to gain their views on how to encourage and support innovation …  >>

Exzellenz made in Hessen

Book, 2008

As part of the "Excellence made in Hesse" project, executives from six top companies and from six different industries explain their success strategies. The findings are presented in the book "Excellence made in Hesse – Excellence vision 2025, examples of corporate success and initiatives", published by the Association of Hessian Companies …  >>

Systemkopf Deutschland Plus

Study, 2008

The extent to which highly productive links in global value chains can be kept on the ground in Germany is of critical importance to the future of this country. Debate surrounding this issue should command top priority on corporate and economic policy agendas. This book is intended as food for thought – and a call to action …  >>

Operations Excellence

think: act Book, 2008

The first edition of think act: International Management Knowledge named "Operations Excellence – Smart Solutions for Business Success" critically examines their strategies and pinpoints approaches that will enable companies to achieve Operations Excellence …  >>


Book by Torsten Oltmanns, Christiane Diekmann and Vera Böhm (in German), 2008

Written by a team of Roland Berger experts, with contributions from leaders in the communications field, the authors examine how to conduct successful business-to-business information exchanges (B2B) …  >>

A Strategic Approach to Corporate Finance

Book (in German) by Guido Eilenberger, Sascha Haghani, Alfred Kötzle, Kurt Reding, Klaus Spremann, 2008

Strategic corporate finance? The term sounds like a paradox at first. After all, corporate finance means responding to the financial markets. …  >>

Management between Strategy and Finance

Book (in German) by Burkhard Schwenker and Klaus Spremann, 2008

Companies' decision-making and planning systems find themselves in a constant tug of war between strategic and financial considerations. The authors analyze these two opposing currents in business thinking, dissecting their differences and identifying their best practices. …  >>

B. Schwenker, Making Growth Work

Book by B. Schwenker and S. Bötzel,, 2006

In Making Growth Work it is shown how companies can grow successfully in the long term. The authors present the results of extensive studies carried out by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants on the subject of corporate growth and use them as a basis to develop new concepts for sustainable profitable growth …  >>

Moment of truth

Book by Andreas Bauer, Björn Bloching, Kai Howaldt, Alan Mitchell, 2006

Values, not products should be the starting point of successful branding. This is the core argument of 'Moment of Truth,' a new book that shows how consumer values influence their decision-making …  >>

Erfolgreich in China

Book (in German), 2006

Over the past few years, the Chinese automotive market has boasted growth rates of up to 25%. This growth was driven primarily by foreign investors who profited from the low wage costs and protected markets. Now the rules have changed: …  >>

B. Schwenker, S. Bötzel, On course for growth

Book (in German), 2005

The decisive challenge facing business management is ensuring profitable growth. No-one would deny companies need to grow and be profitable, but how do companies get onto the growth path and stay there? What is it that companies that notch up high growth rates time and time again do differently? How do they achieve their growth? …  >>


Our Ph.D. dissertations are published in the series "Schriften zum europäischen Management", Gabler Verlag. They are one of the various offers by the Roland Berger School of Strategy and Economics. Look up the whole series here.