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Smart Data: Datenstrategien, die Kunden wirklich wollen und Unternehmen wirklich nützen

Buch (nur in Deutsch verfügbar), 2015

Wie nutzen Unternehmen Daten wirklich effizient, ohne sich selbst technisch, personell und finanziell zu überfordern? …  >>

Learn from the champions - patterns of German engineering

Book, 2014

What makes an engineering firm successful, and what can firms learn from the champions in the engineering industry? Read more in our book authored by Martin Eisenhut and Ralph Lässig …  >>

Scenario-based strategic planning

Book, 2013

The book published by Burkhard Schwenker and Torsten Wulf (HHL) describes scenario-based planning as an effective method for dealing with uncertainty, volatility and complexity …  >>

On Good Management

Book, 2013

How do companies deal with the growing complexity in the world around us? What are the implications for good management? Read more in the book "On Good Management" …  >>

Light Footprint Management

Book, 2013

What can managers learn from President Obama’s military doctrine and Chinese management style? Charles-Edouard Bouée proposes the adoption of “light footprint” management …  >>


The dissertations are published in our Management Series.