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THINK ACT - our international executive magazine

think: act "Leadership"

Issue 19, 2013

This issue kicks off a series of Roland Berger activities on the topics of "management and strategy" …  >>


Issue 18, 2012

Our client magazine think: act #18 puts a spotlight on success stories of companies, entrepreneurs and countries that managed to return to the winners' podium after a failure …  >>

think: act Special "Shifting sands - ideas from the desert"

think: act Special, 2012

This think: act Special describes Arabia's vision of a new era in which it is no longer dependent on oil and gas …  >>

think: act "Size matters"

Issue 17, 2011

This issue of our think:act magazine focuses on "Size Matters: the Modularization of Business". The articles cope with the question, how companies of all sizes can profit from even more division of labor …  >>

think:act special on cloud economy

think: act - SPECIAL Volume Two, 2011

Everyone is talking about the cloud. The latest issue of our think: act SPECIAL magazine reveals the business models behind it. …  >>

Young Global Leaders

think: act – Special Volume One, 2011

The first special edition of think: act is devoted to a network of outstanding individuals – the Young Global Leaders. …  >>

Rethinking growth

Issue 16, 2011

We have made “Rethinking Growth” the main topic of this issue, presenting new concepts, an exclusive map of intellectual capital as a driving force behind growth …  >>

Mastering complexity

Issue 15, 2010

If we want to generate sustainable growth for the future, we need to successfully connect the major challenges in the world — such as climate change and demography — with growth …  >>

Together en route to growth

Issue 14, 2009

For our dossier, we went in search of the “green shoots” in China and the USA, which have been the focus of much debate. And we addressed the question of how Europe can turn the tailwind of a strong business cycle into sustainable growth …  >>

Strategies in times of crisis

Issue 13, 2009

Is this the end of strategy as we know it? The crisis has brought ever more uncertainty, with bad news about companies threatened by bankruptcy, huge lay-offs, entire countries going default and forecasts scaled down almost on a daily basis …  >>

think: act magazine

Issue 12, 2008

In the current Standard & Poor’s 500, only 86 of the firms from the original list, compiled 50 years ago, are still in the index. Moreover, when the list was started, a firm that was added to the index could reckon that, statistically speaking, it would remain on the list for 65 years …  >>

The return of diversification

Issue 11, 2008

In this issue of think: act, we introduce you to some of the driving forces that are behind the increasing complexity that companies have to deal with …  >>

New opportunities

Issue 10, 2007

Due to the financial crisis of the last few months, the overheated acquisitions market has cooled off markedly. The good news in all this is that acquisition premiums are falling, and strategic investors are enjoying new flexibility …  >>

Worlds' most successful region

Issue 9, 2007

What factors turn an economic region into a success story? Around the globe, this question occupies the minds of policy-makers and entrepreneurs—and nowhere is there a greater diversity of opinion than in Europe …  >>

Autos for everyone

Issue 8, 2007

Cars in the under-€10 000 bracket will be a major growth market in the next few years. For international car makers, that market presents both risk and opportunity …  >>

Companies' futures

Issue 7, 2006

Industrialized societies are aging. In politics, the demographic transformation is generally seen as a problem. In truth, however, the trend offers both societies and companies opportunities, if they take things in hand and actively shape what follows change …  >>


Issue 6, 2006

Growth demands innovation, and that is seldom more true than in the health care and pharmaceutical sectors …  >>

European business summit

Issue 5, Special edition, 2005

Best of European Business is a unique initiative conducted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and The Financial Times for the first time in 2005 …  >>

Tales of conversation

Issue 4, 2005

The results of our studies are alarming: Twothirds of all managers of companies approaching a crisis ignore all the symptoms of the demise until it is almost too late, rather than using this opportunity to implement a strategic and sustainable reorientation …  >>

IT strategy

Issue 3, 2005

Profitable and sustainable growth formed the central concepts of previous editions of think: act …  >>


Issue 2, 2005

Companies going for growth have two choices. They can set up and expand their position in existing markets, or they can occupy new markets …  >>

Overcome the limits

Issue 1, 2004

think: act is our magazine for an exclusive group of decision-makers from business and politics around the world. It is my pleasure to introduce it to you …  >>