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Interview with Hakim El Karoui

Dear Audience, through a combination of internal dynamics and external trends, today's low and middle income countries are growing on their own terms and not by mimicking the trajectories of mature markets. Still many investors have yet to notice. They apply outdated judgments about how to assess risk, ignoring the realities of fast changing economies across Africa, Asia and Latin America and missing out on promising opportunities for themselves. That's because while low and middleincome countries have experienced high growth rates, they have done so despite the dearth of basic elements such as electricity and transportation. In the future, these countries won't be able to continue supporting growth without tackling these dire infrastructural problems. And that's why it matters what the private sector thinks.

Today we talked to Mr. El Karoui, Partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, about the major misperceptions of low and middle-income countries, also called LICs and MICs, the significance of infrastructure investments for developing countries as well as project finance as a key to future growth ...

Interview with Hakim El Karoui (MP3, 10727 KB)

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